al pastor tacos fish
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Al pastor tacos fish

I’m in love with al pastor tacos, there’s nothing like tacos, usually this dish is related to have on weekends because you need to go to a taqueria to have them, but what if you want them in the middle of the week? Well, I have in mind an easy […]

chicken bacon salad
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Chicken bacon Salad

Sometimes the easiest salads are the tastiest, but I’m sure that there is nothing like bacon. I like to add it every once in a while, and when that happens, I try to balance the rest. That’s why this Chicken bacon salad is perfect and easy, with a boost of […]


About me

Hi, my name is Julls!  Colors and Food is my treasure and dream. I wanted to start this project since 2016, but I always had something to do and I had full time jobs that “didn’t allow me” to do what I really love. I have a bachelor degree in […]

ahi salmon poke bowl
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Poké Ahi Salmon

Make your Poké Bowl at home, the poké bowls make look really fancy and aesthetic yet is really easy to make and with a lot of freshness and tastiness. I’ve always been in love with sushi, but when I discovered the poké bowls my life changed, because I’m not a […]

fish tacos tacos de pescado
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Fish tacos

Everything can be a taco, but I’m really excited when the recipe is actually made for tacos. These tacos are really easy to make and with a lot of flavor they are perfect for an easy Mexican feast any day of the week. Usually you can join them with corn […]