ahi salmon poke bowl

Poké Ahi Salmon

Make your Poké Bowl at home, the poké bowls make look really fancy and aesthetic yet is really easy to make and with a lot of freshness and tastiness. I’ve always been in love with sushi, but when I discovered the poké bowls my life changed, because I’m not a pro making sushi, but I’m doing poké bowls.

Have you ever had a poké bowl before? I tried for the first time 4 years ago in CDMX (Mexico) and I love them but a couple of months ago I went to Hawaii and I tried the “Salmon ahi” and I can’t explain the explosion that I felt in my mouth, the seasoning was perfect it had a good balance.

And today I’m bringing you the recipe of how to make the perfect “Ahi Salmon” so you can prepare this fresh dish any day of the week.

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